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I invite you to my collection of dollhouse roombox lamps, and all of my miniature creations. I design and build all of these one at a time, in 1/12 scale. All my work is the highest of quality and workmanship.

architectural detail"Lil Lamps" Miniature Roomboxes

I create each and every lamp to fit in the smallest of spaces, hence: "lil lamps" as I refer to them.

"Loaded" with design and features, these heirloom quality lamps will be the center of many conversations with friends, family, and company. Each lamp features three separate lighting systems:

  • a reading lamp
  • a "night-light"
  • and dollhouse lighting galore...

and yet, requires only a single cord.

miniature birdhouseAll have opening fronts, allowing easy access for remodeling, or just adding that new piece you found. The addition of outlets allow for seasonal decorations too.

The small amount of space needed to fit one of these dollhouse lamps into your home is a fraction compared to traditional dollhouses, yet has so much impact.

Each lamp, or piece I build, has unlimited potential! I can create a great many accessories.... such as mailboxes, porch swings, arbors... or "themed" landscaping". There is no limit to the possibilities!

Designs, treatments,and themes can all be modified to suit your personality: Victorian, Country, whimsy, the stately brownstone... perhaps a car?... or scene? We can design and create a truly "one-of-a-kind" lamp, just for you.

Custom Orders

miniatureAs a designer, I am constantly seeking the "challenge". Whether it's in some of my many dolls, or a custom cake-topper, custom and personalized room box or diorama, I will create for you something truly unique, sure to be an unprecedented addition to your collection.

Everything I build is from scratch, and without plans. Yours will be the only one in existence. While some of these are similar, no two are alike!

Thank you for looking. Enjoy...

Semper Fidelis

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